On tuesday afternoon we have been working with local Artist Lottie Lottie. We did a few little project making our own self- portraits, making an animation and making our own moving pictures, all of which were great fun. Over the weeks with Lottie we were also working on a big project and that was a zine. A zine is a little magazine and we wanted to make one all about SUSO so people know what we do here and to encourage more people to come along and join us. 

All the pages in the zine were made by our dropper inners and they wrote and drew all the things they thought were important to let people know about SUSO. After working on the pages over a few weeks with Lottie it finally went off to be printed. Lottie delivered the Zine to the drop in for us all to see and IT IS AMAZING !! The pages all look fantastic and the hard work from everybody really shows through. 

We want to say a big WELL DONE to all the dropper inners who gave their ideas, drawings and writing to help create the zine and we also want to say a big THANK YOU to Lottie for helping us create something so amazing and meaningful. A few pages of the zine can be seen below if you want to see more of it then please pop into the drop-in and pick one up. We hope to get it all around macclesfield so more people can find out about us and join us here at the drop-in. 

Front Cover20171213_110647 Inside