This August our monthly theme was Adventurous in August we wanted to find out about the the adventurous and exciting things are dropper-inners have been up too.

So far it has been an action-packed August at the drop-in. We have done lots of exciting things like making our own ancient maps of macclesfield and thinking about what we would need to pack in our summer suitcase. We have also been thinking about all the things we would want or need to survive if we got stranded on a desert island. We have even been thinking about where we would go if we could go anywhere in the world we wanted too.We have also been learning about money skills and created a huge money tree for our display.

But the fun is not over we still have a week left in August with loads more exciting activities to look forward to this week such as making sunglasses, making our own newspapers and planning our world wide adventures.

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